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Make Your Trade Show Presentations Interactive

Create and Deploy Interactive, Connected and Expressive Presentations Without Writing Code

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Stand out from the crowd: Add digital interactivity to your booth designs

Regardless of what you say, sell or show, it is likely you're not questioning whether digital interactivity should be in your tool belt, it is finding the best way to get there. As design and technology collide, it becomes harder to justify investment in solutions requiring technical expertise and niche training. It doesn't help your business to invest in an interactive experience creation option that depends upon a core team of "experts" to do the work. You need the ease-of-use of a Microsoft PowerPoint and the power of (a now declining) Adobe Flash.

IntuiFace is the world's premier platform for creating cutting edge, deeply interactive trade show presentations your audience won't forget.

Build gorgeous, highly functional presentations for any audience and interact with them using mobile devices, multi-touch displays and any external input device like RFID/NFC tag readers, beacons and connected objects among the Internet of Things. Use your own data and your own content - don’t change a thing. If you can build a slide then you can create fully interactive presentations that will thrill your clients and intimidate your competition. Plus, since IntuiFace uses HTML5 under the hood, it's future proof!

All this without ever writing a line of code. It's your design, storyboard and layout populated entirely with your own media. Control every pixel using your images, videos, documents, 3D models, websites and more. Optionally incorporate content in real-time - so it's always up-to-the minute - and at all times collect detailed information for offline analysis about most popular products, most watched videos and more.
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Create using IntuiFace Composer on Windows,
Deploy and Run using IntuiFace Player on any Multi-touch Device
in your booth

Touchscreen Kiosk Interactive Software

Features You'll Love

Extensive media support
Run Offline
Show floors offer notoriously bad Internet access. With IntuiFace, you don't need an Internet connection.
fun widgets
Deep Analytics
Collect  and send data from trade show presentations to any analytics or marketing automation platform.
beacons support
Capture Visitor Information
Prospects can enter information via a virtual keyboard. Store it in Excel or upload it to your  back office.
interactive timeline
Multiple Display Options
Display content in various collection formats (like a carousel). Plus use either portrait or  landscape orientation.
Social Media Feeds
Add live Twitter feeds and Instagram/Flickr searches directly into your  interactive presentation.
Flexible Licensing
Need high volume licensing for a short period  of time? Make use of month to month subscriptions.
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See It In Action

Watch these videos of IntuiFace-based trade show presentations in action.

Learn from Pre-built Samples

Need a hand kick-starting your project? We offer a wide variety of pre-built samples and templates.
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We use Intuiface for our internal and external events presentations such as trade shows and summits. It is giving us a very nice way to present our services in an attractive and dynamic way!
Oscar D. Oceguera Avila Marketing & Communications Manager

The Future Of Trade Show Presentations Is Here.
Be Part Of It.

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