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As a student or academic, the question isn't whether interactivity has a role to play in education, it is how and to what extent you should adopt it. There are many wonderful teaching aids on the market, each built to address a particular need. What most of these solutions have in common, however, is that as off-the-shelf solutions, your use will be constrained by the needs of all consumers of that product. Good enough will have to be good enough. Unique needs or requirements will have to be set aside and your organization will have to shift to fit the needs of the software rather than the other way around.

IntuiFace is different. It is rapid interactive experience creation without writing one line of code. In minutes, you can build highly engaging, cutting edge interactive experiences as a teaching aid, a curated exhibit or a library companion. And "interactive" does not simply mean touch. Tag readers like RFID/NFC scanners, beacons for exhibit identification, connected objects for things like room lighting - all are supported out of the box. Use your own content, create fully customizable templates, access in-house repositories and their metadata, and do it all in an environment that gives you complete control over all aspects of the finished product.
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Create using IntuiFace Composer on Windows,
Deploy and Run using IntuiFace Player on any multi-touch device
anywhere on campus

Touchscreen Kiosk Interactive Software

Features You'll Love

Extensive media support
Easily & Rapidly Create Presentations
If you can create slides then you can easily create interactive presentations for your students.
fun widgets
Fun Widgets
Build puzzles, quizzes and games to educate and engage your visitors.
beacons support
Multiple Display Options
Display content in various collection formats (like a carousel). Plus use either portrait or  landscape orientation.
interactive timeline
Mobile Remote Control
Project your experiences on a large, display and remotely control it using your mobile device.
Share Your Work
Students or collegues just need a URL to view your work. 
Free To Use
Use the Free Edition for as long as you wish or benefit from our academic discount for Enterprise licenses.
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I strongly believe IntuiFace is the best, one of its kind software for the large touch screen panels available in the market. It is easy to use, intuitive software with tons of readily available features. And the best part about their technical support is that “They Listen” to their clients and are always willing to make requested improvements!
Yousaf Riaz - IT Manager

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Need a hand kick-starting your project? We offer a wide variety of pre-built samples and templates.
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