IntuiFace is revolutionizing interactivity design. That simple. Our designers have unparalleled ease of freedom to explore new interactions and rapidly create engaging experiences. A must have tool for any serious studio out there." —Joel Tarasiuk, Director of Visual Communication at The RKD Studio

I am loving IntuiFace. We were using digital signage software that I used to think was really good but your product has shown me how wrong I was. Thank you for making me look good to my boss, saving us hundreds per month and making my job way easier!—William Gillian, Chief Information Officer

"We were surprised by the ease of use paired with the massive possibilities of IntuiFace. Feeds from Databases, RFID and BiteTag recognition, online resources - you name it: it is all there."—Florian Züger

We were all impressed with IntuiFace. It saved me a few months’ work in Adobe Flash to produce something similar!—- Rob Meehan, Global Marketing & Design Manager

Our clients are loving the IntuiFace experiences we provide them. Player for iPad is set to play a major role in our workflow by extending these experiences beyond touch screen monitors. Player for iPad is a great way to impress on the go.—Luke Weidner, Graphic Designer

We have had the 80" touch screen for almost two years and have barely used it in an interactive capacity because I didn't have a way to easily design programs for it. It took maybe 6 hours to build a football bracket presentation we used on-air.—Zack Booth - Director of Creative Services

We have been impressed by the dedication, reactivity and professionalism of IntuiLab. It’s such a pleasure to watch, as a customer, how they keep on redefining innovation and service every day. This is translated in their products, especially the new iPad player, underlining Intuilab’s commitment to deliver outstanding products, always updated towards the latest trends and hardware."—Laurent Weber,CEO

"You have created something that gives my company wings. I am grateful to you for that”—Mahesh Umakant Naidu, Managing Director

"IntuiFace is the perfect solution for developing a slick presentation in a short amount of time.  It's a wonderful part of our trade show presence, allowing us to showcase our products and marketing assets on our Samsung SUR40 with ease.  Well done!"—Joshua Park

“Nothing engages visitors at our welcome centers like our IntuiLab-powered presentations.  Nowadays, people expect the ability to touch and interact with content like home floorplans, building options, elevation images, maps and more.  Only IntuiLab provides a rich and fluid experience that engages visitors, prompts questions and ultimately - closes sales.” —Will Hershfeld- Director of Web Services

Brilliant software is not only useful but clever. IntuiLab’s iPad player allows true mobile support in a very mobile world, giving us the flexibility to produce once for large screen touch devices and to also, at the same time, deploy to the iPad, the world’s largest mobile platform. This is a great achievement from a remarkable company.—Chris Collinge

"Intuiface has become our go-to platform for multitouch presentations. Our design staff can quickly put together highly engaging and sophisticated presentations in a very short time with no programming required. For our company, Intuiface is as important a software tool as Photoshop or AutoCAD."—Rick Prieto

"I have to give it to the guys over at IntuiLab. Their presentation software makes it easy to bring Microsoft PixelSense to life."—Edward Ferron

We’ve been using IntuiFace for iPad to bring the interactive presentations of our corporate client to another level. Thanks to the endless possibilities of a nonlinear presentation in combination with a live interaction with selected items, speakers are able to engage in a very dynamic conversation with the public.—Jan Murin, CEO

“The use of IntuiFace on multiple screens in our Lost Creatures: Stories from Ancient Queensland exhibition has given our audience fun, new ways to explore much richer information than could ever fit on traditional exhibition graphics. It has deepened our connection with our visitors and opened up exciting possibilities for future exhibitions.”—Lost Creatures Project Team

“Your company and customer service is so great because you actually listen to your customers and follow through on what you promise. Thanks for everything!” —- Rachel Norgaard, Project Assistant, Applied Art & Technology

"Intuiface has given us the confidence to quickly create a vast array of creative touch-screen solutions for our clients that would otherwise require months of development."—Chalin Lukas

"IntuiFace helped us to reinvent our business through technology. We easily created a unique, interactive presentation that buyers and brokers can use within Model Homes. Realtors have stated how impressive it is, how it gives us a "great touch" and is unlike anything they’ve seen from other builders. In today's world of modern technology, IntuiFace gives Desert View Homes the extra edge over the competition."—- Ryan O'Leary, IT Associate Desert View Homes

"We use Intuiface for our internal and external events presentations such as tradeshows and summits. It is giving us a very nice way to present our services in an attractive and dynamic way!"—Oscar D. Oceguera Avila Marketing & Communications Manager

"I strongly believe IntuiFace is the best, one of its kind software for the large touch screen panels available in the market. It is easy to use, intuitive software with tons of readily available features. And the best part about their technical support is that “They Listen” to their clients and are always willing to make requested improvements!"—- Yousaf Riaz, IT Manager, University of Arizona

"Intuiface has allowed us to rapidly deploy immersive multi-touch applications twice as fast and at half the cost of previous solutions." —- Cory Haber, President, Rubicon Property

“I love this software! It allows me (a non-programmer) to create "applications" whenever I want at a very low cost for the Samsung SUR40. It increased the ROI of this device incrementally.”—- David Partain, Vice President, PFS Marketing, Nothern Trust

“Congratulations for your amazing work!”—- Ralph Bock, The Cloud Agency

“I showed the presentation to some colleagues of mine and they were amazed! Keep up the good work!” —-John Prazan, The Boeing Company

“I decided to go with Intuiface since it could do exactly what I wanted "out of the box" without any extra programming. I am a Mac user and therefore was a little hesitant to work on a Windows machine while trying to learn this new software. Intuiface proved to be very easy to learn and use. By taking advantage of the free sample files and tutorials it was simple to create a stunning presentation. Intuiface has exceeded my expectations and I plan to use it again to develop another interactive display for our lobby.”—- Isaac Watkins, Young Life Creative Coordinator

“With IntuiFace we are able to create beautiful interactive experiences for our customers in multiple industries.”—Koen Wouters, Sales Manager

"We had a wonderful experience with the software"—- Marcelo Kahn, Key Account Manager, Kimberly Clark

“At first, I thought that IntuiFace would be very difficult to use and expensive. What I found, however, was that the tools for creating multitouch presentations made it very easy for me. I can utilize all my existing digital assets i.e. images, videos, and datasheets to create simple eye-catching product marketing messages. It gives me an inexpensive, quick and easy way to showcase our company history and product story at major trade show exhibitions.”—- Andrew LeBlanc, General Atomics

IntuiFace allowed us to develop attractive multitouch applications much faster than with our previous solutions.—- João Bárcia, CERN Media Lab

" Nobody could imagine that you can get stunning multi-touch applications without a single line of code. The results are amazing and the image of my company has increased its value."—Amaia Berrospe