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Need a hand to kick start your project? Take a look at our service offerings.

Boostrap My Project

bootstrap service
  • In a rush to present a live interactive experience to a prospective client and want to win the deal? 
  • Need a sure way to convince your organization that IntuiFace is the right product for the job?
  • Know that IntuiFace is the tool for you but need a hand to kickstart your first project?
  • Love IntuiFace but your deadline is coming too soon for you to get all the work done by yourself?
  • Want to create templates you can reuse across multiple client engagements?

For a 5,000($/€) fixed price, we bootstrap your project:

  1. You give us your wireframes / mock-ups / storyboards, media, Excel-based datastore and/or any source of inspiration (video, website etc.).
  2. We build an interactive project based on your input for you to take over and complete.
  3. At both the mid-point review and final delivery, a live screen sharing session is conducted by one of IntuiLab's design experts. You will be walked through the approach taken to implement each feature, dramatically accelerating your IntuiFace learning curve. 
  4. Think of the final deliverable as a Version 1 implementation of your interactive content, suitable both for proof-of-concept discussions with clients / internal stakeholders as well as for giving you a headstart and the skills to complete the project.

We've already earned the trust of thousands of companies across the globe. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction or you will get a full refund. We're not kidding!

Contact us today and mention "bootstrap my project"!


training service

IntuiFace is easy to learn by yourself (see our Webinars, Instructional Videos and Knowledge Base), but sometimes you want (or need!) to speed your way along the learning curve. In that case, go for our live Web-based training with a real instructor 

Basic Training

Duration: 3 hours. Agenda includes:

  • Understanding the Composer layout
  • Organizing through layers
  • Importing and configuring content
  • Creating and configuring collections
  • Using buttons
  • Adding triggers and actions
  • Measuring user preferences through data tracking
  • Exploring asset binding for creating templates
  • Best practices for interactive experience design  

Advanced Training

Duration: 7 hours. Agenda includes

  • Introduction to interfaces, the gateway to working with external data, business logic and/or devices
  • Creating display templates for interface assets
  • Using Excel as a data source
  • Accessing public/private REST APIs using API Explorer
  • What you need to know about working with JavaScript and .NET

Interested? Contact us to start arranging a session.


post to store service

IntuiLab offers a "post-to-store" service option. Give us your IntuiFace experience, we package it up as a self-running application and then help you post it to the Apple® App Store℠ and/or Google Play™. This posting

  • ‍has no IntuiFace branding
  • ‍does not require separate installation of IntuiFace Player, the IntuiFace runtime
  • can be accessed by anyone with an iTunes® or Google Play account
  • can be installed and run on an unlimited number of tablets

It is the perfect solution for an IntuiFace user who wishes to create self-branded interactive experiences for distribution to prospects, clients and colleagues. Post your sales pitch or media packet to the store and your target audience can download it at their leisure onto any supported iPad® or Android™ device.

Requests are submitted via the My IntuiFace website. Additional details can be found here in our online library.



Development service

Additional Capability Development

  • Sometimes you want to achieve a really special effect with IntuiFace that is not part of the current feature set. Perhaps it’s something significant like a new kind of interactive asset, or maybe it’s something simple like a transition effect or trigger/action option. No problem. Let us know and we’ll build it for you.
  • You send us a high level brief of what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Based on that brief, we give you a quotation, including the number of iterations and a delivery timeline.
  • We develop the requested product extension (while iterating with you) and then package up the final version so you can use it yourself in Composer.

Input Device Integration

  • Have an input device - multi-touch, remote gesture, voice, sensors, something else - you'd like to use with IntuiFace? We will build the integration for you.
  • Simply point us to the manufacturer and let us do the rest.
  • Published integration is for a specific version of the requested hardware. You can purchase the integration code so you can maintain and update it yourself or you could reengage with us as the device evolves.

Interface Asset Creation

  • If you wish to include third party data and/or incorporate third party business logic in your interactive experiences, we can built the interface between IntuiFace and the external resource.
  • Includes everything from databases and stored procedures to C# dlls and any public or private Web service API.
  • May be preceded by our Advanced Training class in case you wish to do the work yourself.

Interested? Contact us