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IP Feature Highlight: The Slide Show Collection

Welcome to our new blog series, “IP Feature Highlights”. Our software, IntuiFace Presentation, has a number of features that enable users to create spectacular, interactive presentations without writing a single line of code. We hope this blog series will help our new and existing users learn about features they may not have considered, adding even more techniques for creating beautiful, memorable and highly functional interactive presentations.

Today we will start with a feature introduced in IntuiFace Presentation Version 3.8 just a few weeks ago. The feature, known as the Slide Show collection, is a member of the Collections family within our software. Collections enable you to group and display sets of images, videos, documents and other content media – even other collections - in a creative, organized and fully interactive way.  

The Slide Show collection reproduces the Ken Burns effect. Due to the behavior of this effect, this type of collection is typically used for images. The effect displays elements one at a time and as each element is displayed, a slow pan and zoom occurs, followed by a fading transition into the next element. Here’s a video demonstrating the Ken Burns effect:

Ken Burns Effect Image Montage

To find this collection in Composer, either use the Insert menu or select the last icon in the Collections portion of the quick access toolbar to the left. (See image below.)


An empty box will appear within the active scene. Drag and drop images from the Content Library into this box or into its representation in the Space Content panel. Then select the “More Properties” button for this collection to adjust animation effects. For details about these animation effects, see the description here, in our Knowledge Base

We hope you’ll try out this feature for your next presentation. Should you have any questions regarding this functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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