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Boost Your IntuiFace Experiences With Excel

Want to build your experiences more quickly and make them easier to maintain? How about getting them to run faster while being more dynamic and customizable than they are today? Believe it or not, all this is possible simply through the use of Excel. We'll show you how easy it is using multiple real-world examples.
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Jun 21, 2017
8am New York / 1pm London / 2pm Paris / 6:30pm Mumbai:
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  • Introduction
  • Existing IntuiFace sample experiences using Excel
  • Concepts involved: Interface Assets and Binding
  • Load external data into your experience
  • Display content and apply filters
  • Create menus and other organizational constructs
  • Forms
  • Create a form to capture info
  • Retrieve submitted info for offline use/analysis
  • Apply same concepts to Web Services and other data access methods
Sebastien Meunier - Platform Evangelist
Jun 21, 2017
10am San Francisco / 1pm New York / 6pm London / 7pm Paris:
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