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Alameda, CA
United States
IntuiFace user since:
Nov 2013
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Group Delphi

All Experts have proven IntuiFace expertise. Badge color reflects the extent to which an Expert's IntuiFace-based work can be evaluated by potential clients. 

  • No Badge: No work posted for review yet!
  • Bronze Badge: Images of the Expert’s work
  • Silver Badge: Videos of their work or an IntuiFace-dedicated page on their website
  • Gold Badge: Images/videos of the Expert’s work and an IntuiFace-dedicated page on the Expert’s website
  • Platinum Badge: A Gold Badge holder who has published work on the IntuiFace Experience Marketplace
Group Delphi, the experience creation shop, produces immersive, thrilling experiences for audiences everywhere. As makers of wonder, awe, and connection, Delphi has been a recognized innovator for over twenty-five years in the experiential marketing space.

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