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Chapter 9

Building Your Skills

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Chapter 9
The Complete Guide To Doing Business With IntuIFace

Building Your Skills

IntuiFace is powerful, broad in feature set, and always evolving. It’s also easy. It’s – to use the word not-so-subtly hidden in its name – intuitive.

So don’t worry. You’ve got this. With a little effort you’ll build the skills.

Here’s a quick lesson plan for going from zero to hero:

  1. Watch our three one-hour webinars: “Intro to IntuiFace”, “Working with Data”, “Deep Analytics”. They’re comprised of live demos that go deep into IntuiFace.
  2. Next, check out some of the 70+ showcase videos on our website. Embrace the idea that you’ll actually be able to build all of those amazing things.
  3. Get to know our online library. Introduce yourself. You’re going to be using it a lot because it’s awesome.
  4. Since you’re in the library, go through our tutorial.
  5. Now download some of our free sample experiences from the Marketplace. Play them, study them, see if you can figure out how everything was done. And yes, go ahead and steal from them. Don’t start from scratch.
  6. You watched those webinars, right? No? Don’t be cocky. They’re the best overviews on the planet.
  7. Now go build some stuff. Remember, you can use both Composer and Player without a paid license.
  8. Ran into issues? Contact Support. Go out of your way to have issues to you can test Support, see how well they do and how responsive they are. We know you’ll be impressed which is why we’re asking you to do this. (Forums only. No phone calls.)
  9. Some subjects you should consider for a deep dive? Check out beacon support, accessibility, data tracking, and API Explorer.

Want some 1:1 assistance?

  • First, please work with our Support folks. It’s free and they’re brilliant.
  • Now consider our own service options:
  • Bootstrap: A teach-you-to-fish service for a flat fee of $/€ 5k. We start a project based on your design needs and teach you how to finish the job. You get our experts for a predictable fee on an actual project. Talk about anything you’d like, from basic design points to the smallest detail of features like data tracking and the integration of third party services. It’s the most complete option.
  • Training: We offer a three hour Basic and a six hour Advanced training option. Conducting over screen share, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.
  • 1:1 Consulting: One hour increments at $/€ 150/hour.
  • Finally, all first-time customers are entitled to a live, 30 minute 1:1 consulting session. And Composer Enterprise customers are entitled to a second session as well.

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