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Chapter 6

Why every project should include data tracking for analytics

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Chapter 6
The Complete Guide To Doing Business With IntuIFace

Why every project should include data tracking for analytics

Ask yourself – and have your clients ask themselves – what is the best way to determine whether a signage deployment is successful. How do you know the ROI, the return on investment? You need to measure something, but what?

Passive digital content is a real mystery. There’s nothing to measure. Nothing direct anyway. 

How many people are passing by your screen? And how many notice it? Is it working? What does “working” even mean? Was it worth the investment?

With interactive digital content, on the other hand, your target audience expresses their preferences through touch and, indirectly, provides insights about everything from demographics to frequency of use in relation to location and other environmental contexts. The insight is so rich, what don’t you know?

IntuiFace, through its data tracking feature, makes it easy to collect information about any event you care about.

Insert “probes” into your experience and the resulting information is automatically sent from every deployed device running Player to a cloud-based, IntuiFace-hosted data hub. Once on that data tracking hub, you have various options for accessing the collated information for the purposes of analysis, marketing automation and/or data warehousing. Options include

  • direct download into/synchronize with Excel
  • upload into your or your client's Google Analytics account
  • automatic forwarding of data to any of 150+ analytics platforms using the third party service Segment

Help your clients to identify, define, capture, and even analyze Key Process Indicators (KPIs). Your client will no longer be blind to the effectiveness of placed-based screens and kiosks nor to the preferences and biases of their target audience, helping them to justify current as well as future investment.

That’s a service you can sell, by the way. Engage with your client at the highest business and marketing levels in your client's organization. Analyze collected data and use the insights to refine the marketing campaigns, sales tools, curated exhibits, and whatever else you’ve built and deployed using IntuiFace.

Now you’re communicating with clients at the strategic level. Those are relationships that last.

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