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Chapter 3

Economics of an IntuiFace-based Business

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Chapter 3
The Complete Guide To Doing Business With IntuIFace

Economics of an IntuiFace-based Business

You client's perceived value of an IntuiFace-based experience can be huge: extraordinary multi-touch capabilities, modern design options, high reliability, fast implementation, robust deployment infrastructure, detailed usage analytics…... "Wow, that must cost a lot to develop!"

The good news for you is that, with IntuiFace, you need only a fraction of the resources - and thus a fraction of the costs - required to build a bespoke app for your client. Oh, and its delivered in a fraction of the time.

If you’ve gone the custom coding route in the past (whether outsourced or internal), you know the headaches. And you pass the associated costs along to your customer. It leads to less competitive pricing and a less competitive offer.

The following picture summarizes the total cost difference between custom and IntuiFace-based projects with an eye to perceived value. By "total" we mean not only the cost of getting to Version 1 of the delivered app but the long-term cost associated with content changes, device addition, etc.

Based on our own customers' estimates, IntuiFace platform fees only represent between 3% and 6% of the overall project.

Further, our customers have experienced up to a 60% reduction in delivery time compared to custom developed projects.

We’re guessing that concept and design are key strengths of your business. Focus on that strength. Some of IntuiFace's most skilled users have reported a 10% / 90% split between implementation with IntuiFace and the conception and graphic design phases. IntuiFace won't be creative for you but it frees you to embrace - and fund - your own creativity. Good design is good business.

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