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Create Multi-Touch Digital Signage for webOS

Create dynamic, data-driven, HTML5-based interactive content for webOS Signage devices from LG - and never write code.

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Interactive Digital Signage for webOS

IntuiFace — The world's premier software platform for creating, deploying and measuring interactive digital experiences without writing one line of code. 

Build gorgeous, highly functional applications for any audience and interact with them using touch-enabled webOS Signage displays from LG and - optionally - any connected object among the Internet of Things. Use your own data and your own content - don’t change a thing. If you can build a slide then you can create fully interactive experiences that will thrill your clients and intimidate your competition. Plus, since IntuiFace uses HTML5 under the hood, it's future proof!

Digital signage for webOS is a young and vibrant frontier seeing significant growth. Unlike with Windows PCs, the interest didn't start with webOS presentation software - although IntuiFace would be great for that. Rather LG digital signage software was popular from the beginning as many were already schooled in digital signage on Windows and were looking for a better total cost of ownership. Thanks to IntuiFace, LG digital signage is so easily created that no knowledge of webOS is required. Anyone can pick it up and use it from Day One.
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Chrome OS Digital Signage

Create using IntuiFace Composer on Windows,
Deploy and Run using IntuiFace Player on any webOS-based device.

IntuiFace Digital Signage software  for Chrome OS

The Digital Signage Features You Expect

Any Design

Any Design Your Content

Your own layouts and storyboards with your own images, videos, documents, websites, 3D models, and more, all automatically interactive.

Deploy Everywhere

Deploy Everywhere

Web-hosted deployment automation for any number of devices across multiple geographic regions. It's remote deployment without leaving your office.

Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics

Define, collect and send data from your IntuiFace interactive experiences to any platform for analytics, marketing automation or data warehousing.

See It In Action

Watch our Tech Evangelist Present LG's webOS running IntuiFace

Player for webOS Signage - How-To Articles

Quick Start 
This article will explain how to run IntuiFace software on your device
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Working with the Internet of Things
Motion/gender detection, lighting controls and more. Incorporate connected objects.
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Design Considerations
Design considerations accommodating the unique nature of webOS.
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Capturing Usage Information for Analytics
Capture everything about your users: what they do, who they are, where they are.
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webOS Device Specs

Hardware specifications for running IntuiFace software
  • Any webOS device running SCAP Version 1.3 or later.
  • Includes multi-touch model SM5B.

The Future Of Digital Signage For webOS Is Here. Be Part Of It.

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