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IntuiFace Version 4.5 has launched

After months of development and 30 days of beta testing, I present to you IntuiFace Version 4.5. Not content to build just one cool new feature, we built - well - a whole bunch. How do you count a “feature”? Anyway, this is another packed release. And just so you know, all new runtime features - features not specific to editing in Composer - work on both iPad and Windows.

Let’s get right to it and talk about the top features. For a detailed list, check our our Release Notes. For a recorded webinar demonstrating the big news items, follow this link.

  • Summary: Now you can cause elements in your experience to move, rotate, blur, fade, shrink and more. Every property represented by a range of numeric values - everything from screen position to opacity - can be animated. And using a timeline, choreograph multiple animation effects launched by the same trigger.
  • Applicable Composer Editions: ALL!!!
  • Detailed instructions

Experience Sharing:

  • Summary: Let’s be honest, it wasn’t easy to share IntuiFace experiences with colleagues and clients. IntuiFace now automates the entire process. Use Composer to publish experiences to your own / your company’s Box, DropBox or Amazon S3 account. Accessible in Management Console, these experiences can be shared with anyone who has an email address.
  • Applicable Composer Editions: ALL!!!!
  • Detailed Instructions

Media Sharing + Email

  • Summary: Want to mark up the screen and email your client a copy? Now you can. Use our new native email support to send one or more images, videos, documents or audio files to any email address. Same goes for marked-up images and spaces created with our Drawing Tool. You can use our free hosted email option - it just works - or use your own mail server. Alternatively, save items to any USB drive or the local file system for offline access.
  • Applicable Composer Editions: ALL!!!
  • Detailed Instructions: emailfile systemUSB drive

Floating Licenses

  • Summary: Purchase only as many perpetual Composer Enterprise licenses as you have designers working concurrently. For example, a 25 person team may only be using 5 Composers at a time, so just purchase 5 licenses. Install Composer on all 25 PCs. Licenses can be retained for offline use or released to IntuiLab’s license server for consumption by someone else.
  • Applicable Composer Editions: Enterprise
  • Detailed Instructions

Plus a ton more. You’ll find the complete list here.
Now go make us proud and build crazy good experiences!

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