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IntuiFace Version 4.1 now available

The “We Heard You” Release - In the midst of what can be a distracting summer season, we thought one way to pique your interest was to release a flood of new features based on user requests. Believe it or not, IntuiFace Version 4.1 contains over 50 new features! And some of those features are really categories of features but I got tired from counting. Here are the most newsworthy additions.
Free Edition

Free Edition

We listened and eliminated the 21 day trial version of Composer and replaced it with a time unlimited version we call the Free Edition. Use it forever and never pay a thing. Of course, there are some limitations, but for many of you this may be more than enough. Want to download it right away? Click this link.

Management Console

Hands-free Deployment

You asked for it: a Web browser-based control panel we call the Management Console, enabling deployment of your cloud-hosted experiences to any device running IntuiFace Player, anywhere in the world. Control your device empire and never leave your desk!


Improved Kinect Support

You were pushing the envelope on our Microsoft Kinect support so we went back to the drawing board and rebuilt it from scratch. Using the latest Kinect for Windows SDK, our support is easy to use and more powerful than ever.

Leap Motion

New Leap Motion Support

The hype preceding availability of the Leap Motion Controller stretches back over a year. it finally shipped July 22nd and here we are, just two weeks later, giving you the industry’s ONLY non-programming software for creating experiences driven by Leap gestures and postures. It’s plug-and-play with IntuiFace.


Updated Pricing Model

To reduce the entry level cost of using IntuiFace, we have created a new Pro tier with a low annual cost. We have also reduced prices and created a more compelling volume discount model for perpetual licenses. You now have more flexibility and options.

Circular Panel

New Collections, Interfaces

Frequently requested, we are bringing you a Circular Panel collection for the creation of rounded menus. You will also find a new Linear Gauge control, a set of time-related interface assets (like a clock) and a host of new triggers and actions to wire it all together.


Additional capabilities include crash recovery, improved visual tag support (you can even create assets that “follow” moving tags), a redesigned color picker and a long list of usability enhancements and bug fixes. Again, you can find the complete list here.

This is an insanely good release with a lot to absorb, Grab a laptop, sit by the pool, and have some fun building amazing experiences that’ll make you look like a programming genius.

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