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IntuiFace Now Supports webOS Signage From LG

IntuiFace Now Supports webOS Signage From LG
We are formally announcing our latest platform support, webOS Signage from LG. This makes IntuiFace the industry’s first and only multi-touch digital signage creation solution for webOS.

We’ll be demonstrating our support on the floor of ISE 2016, located within the LG Electronics booth, Booth 11-K70.

What is LG's webOS Signage platform?

LG's webOS Signage platform is an all-in-one combination of display and processing power. Built as a dedicated signage platform, you just plug the power cord into the wall, plug an Ethernet cable into the webOS display, and you’re ready to go. The SM5B series of devicdes  incorporates touch capability, making it a low cost, high value door to interactive signage

And that’s where IntuiFace comes in. Let’s make use of that touch display!

Adoption of webOS as an interactive signage option is trivial. The use of IntuiFace Player on a webOS device is identical to what you know of our support for Windows, Android, iPad, Chrome and Samsung SSP. The only difference is how Player is first loaded.

Keep in mind -  this isn’t just about touch for touch sake. Touch-first signage is the only truly measurable approach to digital signage. With traditional passive signage, your guess is as good as mine about whether your content is effective. With interactive signage, you know exactly what is effective. Collect usage statistics about the most popular product, video, option, etc. Do this across multiple devices in multiple geographic locations and you have a global picture of what works where. For the first time you have truly measurable signage ROI.

In addition to data tracking for analytics, other traditional signage capabilities are available like remote deployment, scheduling and remote monitoring. It’s all the benefits of traditional signage with the added benefits of a touch-first approach. Think about it. Schedule signage content, varied by location. Analyze stats on the fly. Adjust your signage accordingly - emphasize what is working, remove what isn’t - then redeploy without leaving your desk. 

You can check out our press release here but you’ve got the gist. The biggest takeaway is that the absolute, inarguable, clear #1 for no-coding interactive experience creation - IntuiFace - can now be used to build touch-first content for webOS Signage from LG.

Let us know what you think!

Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

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