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IF Feature Highlight: Asset Binding

Hopefully you were all paying attention when we released Version 4.0 of IntuiFace! If not feel free to take a second look on our blog where we discuss all the fabulous new features. Following the launch, we thought this was the perfect opportunity for another entry in our IF Feature Highlight series. Notice it’s now “IF Feature Highlight” instead of “IP Feature Highlight” and this is because of our recent rebranding you can also learn more about in our Announcing IntuiFace Version 4 post.

Today we will focus on a new feature in IntuiFace Version 4 that our CEO Vincent Encontre refers to as his favorite feature in IntuiFace today: asset bindingThis post comes with the following disclaimer: If you have never used IntuiFace before, some of the supporting topics we discuss in this post may not be familiar to you. If this is the case, please refer to our Knowledge Base for explanation of specific concepts.

With this new feature, IntuiFace gives users the ability to “bind” assets together by linking properties, trigger parameters and action parameters to one another. This binding concept is a variant of the well-understood and proven interaction-centric computing model: WHEN this [happens] THEN [do] that. In this case, for asset binding, it is WHEN value of A changes THEN change value of B. There are three variants of binding in IntuiFace. Each link below points to a corresponding support page on our Knowledge Base:

  1. Property to Property (P2P)
  2. Trigger Parameter to Property (T2P)
  3. Action Parameter to Property (A2P)

The following three use cases will help you to visualize the mechanics and give you ideas for exploration as you build your own IntuiFace experiences later on.

Property to Property

A set of rulers could aid in the positioning of article titles on a newspaper cover. The rulers are represented by two image assets, each bound to a third image, a target. When the user moves the target on the newspaper cover, the horizontal ruler automatically mirrors the target’s Y axis value and the vertical ruler mirrors the target’s X axis value. Watch this quick video for a demonstration:

Trigger Parameter to Property

A company has been subcontracted to build an interactive, browsable catalog for in-store use. For certain products, an interactive promotional logo must be displayed to encourage purchase. The contractor would like to be able to change the landing page referenced by the promotional logo without being obliged to know how IntuiFace works behind the scenes.

To achieve this scenario you can leverage the binding of a trigger parameter to an asset property, creating a user-friendly space only intended to be used at design time. Watch this quick video for a demonstration: 

Action Parameter to Property

A user interacts with a document asset comprised of multiple pages. Instead of requiring the user to scroll through the document page by page, forcing tedious gestures, you can offer a Text Input field where the desired page number can be entered, causing the document to advance automatically. This scenario is made possible in IntuiFace Composer by binding the “Go to Page” action parameter of the Document asset to the Text property of the Text Input asset. Watch this quick video for a demonstration:


Impressed? Notice how asset binding can help you to not only create cool visuals for your audience but to also create templates that accelerate your design work. For example, if every space needs a logo and that logo may change, link Image assets on all but one space to an Image asset on the remaining space. Whenever you change the image on that one space, all other spaces update automatically.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and begin using it in your interactive experiences. If you have questions about asset binding please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you come up with an awesome binding example we’d love to see it! Send it to us so we can share it with the community. 

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