Version History

For a complete list, including bug fixes and additional updates, have a look at our Release Notes.


Notable Features & Updates



  • We continue our small enhancement and bug fix trend with this release. A complete list of updates are in the Release Notes. Meanwhile, we're working on our next major release. Expected in late April, this new release may be available a month early in a special pre-release form. No more to be said just yet except that it rhymes with "theta".



  • Another quality release with a couple of small bonus enhancements. See the complete list of changes in our Release Notes.



  • Faster space transition in Edit Mode: Particularly for spaces containing a large number of assets using triggers, actions and binding, the transition between spaces while in Edit Mode is up to 50% faster.
  • Redesigned Account Management website: You'll find a more intuitive layout and simplified access to functions like license management, software download and (for Enterprise customers) deployment with Management Console.
  • Additional enhancements and bug fixes, including a few corrected crash conditions. All of the details can be found in the Release Notes.



  • A small variety of bug fixes for your experience creation pleasure. See the Release Notes for details.



  • Almost-instantaneous space navigation: At runtime, visible assets (text, images, videos, …) are now rapidly displayed after space-to-space transition rather than loaded into memory before transition, providing better visual feedback that navigation is underway.
  • Accelerated initial display of PDF files: New optimization algorithm accomodates both static and real-time accessed PDFs - whether or not in collections - with much faster rendering times.
  • Bug Fixes: Includes the notorious "red exclamation mark" issue for PDFs. Fixes a variety of additional issues including crash conditions. See the Release Notes for details.



  • More bug fixes, including a big performance improvement. See the Release Notes for details.



  • Updates out-of-the-box Twitter interface asset to accommodate significant change in the Twitter API. Without this update, use of the Twitter interface asset could cause your IntuiFace experience to crash. See the Release Notes for details.



  • Stability update: A few issues exposed following the release of Version 4.3.0. See the Release Notes for details.



  • New Product: Player for iPad
    Currently being validated by Apple. Should be in the AppStore any day now and we will notify you once it's available.
    • Build interactive experiences using Composer on Windows, deploy to the iPad. For detailed information, see [these articles](/kb/player-for-ipad).
    • Enables both online and offline use
    • Special **Preview Mode** enables Player for iPad to communicate with Composer in Play Mode and either stream or download the experience for offline use
    • Simplified license management avoids the use of license keys, making it easy to register and deregister iPads for use with your experiences.
    • Web-based device management, through use of [IntuiFace Management Console](/kb/intuiface-management-console/using-the-management-console), enables you to keep track of your iPad license inventory and of all experiences you want to make available for online and offline modes. This capability is for Enterprise Edition customers only.
    • Freely downloadable from the Apple AppStore. You can even use **Preview Mode** (see above) with Composer Free (limited to live streaming).

Other IntuiFace Enhancements (highlights below; for complete list of 75+ enhancements, see this page)

  • Multi-selection: Align, distribute, bulk edit (like rotate, resize), group as well as the more traditional copy, cut, delete and move of multiple items in a scene.
  • Additional performance optimization
    • Improved Composer and Player resource consumption due to dramatic reduction in memory footprint of images and videos.
    • Space transition in Player / Composer Play Mode reduced by a factor of 30% to 75% depending on the number and pixel resolution of images and videos involved.
  • Improved text editing capability
    • To edit text in the Simple Text asset and Button control, just double-click the text directly in the scene. This is similar to how things already work in the Rich Text asset.
    • More Simple Text asset properties are accessible in the Properties panel at the bottom of Composer.
    • Name of a Simple Text asset, Rich Text asset and Button control will now default to the first 20 characters of visible text if the name has not been modified by the user.
    • Font selector now permits use of all fonts installed on the PC running Composer. (Remember, fonts are not stored in a project so you must ensure all devices running Player have the same font installed.)
  • New Design Accelerator panel with additional accelerator bundles
    • Design Accelerator panel is now located in a tab to the right of Composer and immediately adjacent to the Content Library.
    • Brand new, downloadable accelerator bundles like animated menus and linear gauges.
    • Download and install new Design Accelerators without leaving Composer.
    • Zoomable panel makes it easy to browse a large number of accelerators.
  • Enhanced Properties panel
    • Indicates which properties are shared and thus editable in a multi-selection.
    • Item names are now displayed in the header of the **All Properties** panel.
    • Orange shading indicates binding and reacts to a mouse hover and show the name of the bound assets and properties.
  • Redesigned Triggers and Actions panel: It is now much easier to adopt and put triggers and actions to use.
  • Design lock: Lock assets, collections and controls in your experience. Use it to prevent others with Composer from making changes to items in a scene while in Edit Mode.
  • Actionable mouse hover information: Hover your mouse over a new indicator displayed next to items in the Space Content panel to view both bindings and triggers associated with that item. Click on the hover information to jump to the appropriate Binding or Triggers and Actions panel.
  • Improved guidance messages and tooltips: Messages have been added or enhanced to simplify adoption and comprehension for new users.
  • Quick-action background updates: Right-click the scene to access new Set Background functions. Or right click images and videos in a scene to set them as the background graphic.
  • Quick-action asset updates: Double-click an asset to open a new Change Content panel listing all available graphics in the Content Library.
  • Improved PowerPoint import: Replacement of button-based navigation with on-screen gestures, plus slide names are now retained following import.
  • Text Input control guidance message: Specify and customize user instructions to display in a Text Input field.
  • Various other tweaks and enhancements: Includes graying out of inapplicable functions and content previews with mouse hover in the Content Library. 
  • Bug Fixes: Lots of them. The product just gets better and better! For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Extensive geocoordinate format support for new Map Collection: The Map Collection now supports all recognized geocoordinate formats including DMS (Degrees/Minutes/Seconds) and E6. For details, see this article.
  • Bug Fixes: The usual nip and tuck we perform one every release. For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Feature updates
    • Text Input asset enables entry of linefeeds using the Enter key.
    • Keyboard size for the Text Input Asset and Web Browser Asset is configurable.
    • Excel Interface Asset has new read-only property containing the total number of rows in a spreadsheet.
    • Duration of a Timer can be now pulled in from an external data source through binding.
  • New actions
    • Index Changed trigger for the Item Picker collection.
    • Set Viewport Boundary action for the Map Collection.
  • Bug Fixes: Corrections to user-reported issues. For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Improved licensing mechanism: Ensures Composer and Player license keys continue to work after OS upgrades. For example, license keys will now remain valid after upgrading a PC from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1



  • Complete revised Map collection: Enables manual, Excel-sourced or cloud-driven (via interface assets) placement of interactive points of interest. Use either OpenStreetMaps or Bing Maps for the map display.
  • Enhanced form building capability: Text Input asset has been improved to enable better form construction. Use regular expressions for entry validation, a password mask to hide typing, an on-screen numeric keypad for fields only requiring numeric entry, and additional design configuration options to customize appearance.
  • Microsoft Kinect direct object manipulation: Use your hands to resize an image, turn a page, swipe a collection and much more.
  • Video poster selection: Select any video frame or image to act as a poster for the Video Asset.
  • Improved Excel support: Excel data feeds into your experience now update every time an Excel spreadsheet - referenced by an Excel interface asset - is closed. Plus, for Pro and Enterprise Edition users, new filter & sort capabilities and the ability to add rows to a spreadsheet.
  • New properties, triggers and actions
  • Experience templates: New templates formatted for various uses like media walls and product catalogs. Good for beginners looking to quick-start experience creation and to build a deeper understanding of IntuiFace.
  • Redesign of Composer start-up panel: Download and run both our experience templates and business samples without leaving Composer. Also includes history of recently opened experiences.
  • Enhanced Free Edition feature set
    • Improved sharing policy: Free Edition users can now share their experiences with any other Composer Free user.
    • Import from Excel: Use the Excel interface asset to access and display Excel-based information in experiences.
  • Enhanced Pro Edition feature set
    • Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion support: Now Pro Edition users can incorporate the Kinect and Leap Motion gesture capture devices in their experiences.
    • New license release policy: Annual Pro subscribers can now release their licenses up to 3 times each year to protect against PC failure and hardware refresh.
  • Enhanced Enterprise Edition feature set
    • Enhanced Web API support: Introduction of PUT, POST and DELETE request methods for the REST interface asset.
    • New license release policy: Annual Enterprise subscribers can now release their licenses up to 5 times each year to protect against PC failure and hardware refresh.
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes: For a complete list, see this page.



  • Firming and Shaping: A couple enhancement tweaks and another set of bug fixes. For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Composer performance improvement: Time to delete an asset in a scene or select a different space in the Spaces panel has been dramatically reduced, with up to 90% reduction in time for a large project.
  • Reduced memory footprint: To reduce the likelihood of Out Of Memory issues when using large HD images, the memory footprint of large images have been reduced in Composer's Edit Mode . In Play Mode, original image sizes are used.
  • Bug Fixes: For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Bux fix release: Never settle! For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Bux fix release: Working hard on pest control. For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Bux fix release: Tightening the screws, hammering the nails. For details, see the Release Notes.





  • IntuiFace Management Console: Web-based control panel enabling deployment of cloud-hosted IntuiFace experiences to any Windows device running IntuiFace Player. Available for Composer Enterprise customers only.
  • Microsoft Kinect support: Use Kinect-specific gestures and postures to trigger events in your IntuiFace experiences.
  • Leap Motion Controller support: Use Leap-specific gestures and postures to trigger events in your IntuiFace experiences.
  • New Circular Panel collection: Create rounded, swipeable menus containing your own images, videos, or other content types.
  • Three new out-of-the-box interface assets: Prebuilt interfaces for a clock, count-down timer and chronometer are now available.
  • New Linear Gauge asset: Use your own graphics to represent progress along any scale of your choice. Use to illustrate concepts like percent completion, distance travelled, or money collected.
  • Unlimited Trial Version of Composer: We have replaced the trial version of Composer – which is limited to 21 days – with a time-unlimited version of Composer, referred to as Composer Free.
  • Player for iPad Preview: Available by invite only for Enterprise customers - so an incentive for you to go Enterprise! More information available for those who participate in the Preview program.
  • Crash recovery mechanism: On the (of course VERY rare) occasion of a Composer crash, you will be able to recover all work performed no more than 60 seconds prior to the crash.
  • Reduced installation burden: It is no longer necessary for installation to be granted Administrator rights. Limitations of installation without Administrator rights:
  • New actions
    • Reset all assets for a space. Now a single action can reorganize all content on a space.
    • Scale, Resize and Move for items inside of a Group collection. Finer grained control over Group contents.
  • New triggers
    • Space: Leaving, Entering, Left and Entered. When moving from space A to B, the order of events is Leaving A, Entering B, Left A, Entered B.
    • Document Asset: Page changed
    • Video and Audio Assets: Time changed
    • Carousel, Asset Flow and Flip Chart collections: Index changed.
    • Timeline collection: Date changed
  • Other new features
    • The Interface Asset (IA) panel now supports IA-specific right-click menu options.
    • Unoccupied areas inside of a Group collection are now transparent to touch events.
    • C#-based interfaces now support DateTime and URI types
    • The Content parameter of the Change content action can now be modified through binding.
    • Start Composer directly into Play Mode.
    • The Composer and Player license file has been replaced by a License Key.
  • Usability improvements
    • Redesigned color picker with support for both RGB and HSB (hue/saturation/brightness).
    • Collections with the notion of focus – i.e. Asset Flow, Carousel and Flip Chart – now have an Index property containing the index of the item in focus.
    • Actions initiated by the Space triggers Visual tag down, Visual tag move, and Visual tag up can now be bound to the following properties of the visual tag: Tag ID, X coordinate, Y coordinate and Orientation. This means you can have assets and collections "follow" your visual tags as they move.
    • Actions initiated by the asset and collection triggers Manipulation started and Manipulation completed can now be bound to the following properties of the touch event: X coordinate, Y coordinate, Orientation.
    • Images and videos preserve their original pixel dimensions when added into a space or pinboard. The pixel dimensions are displayed beside their preview image in the bottom-right of the Content Library.
    • Assets moved out of a collection retain their size.
    • When only Allow rotate is set for an asset or collection – thus when Allow move and Allow resize are deselected – only one finger is required to cause rotation.
    • Improved organization of properties in the All Properties panel.
    • And don’t forget the crazy good performance improvements introduced in Version 4.0.5 for HID-based touch displays (i.e. most displays).
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes: For a complete list, see this page.



  • Dramatic touch performance improvement: Greatly improved response time to the manipulation of one or more fingers on multi-touch displays using Microsoft’s HID protocol (i.e. most touch displays)
  • Bux fixes: For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Stability update: One person's bug is another person's - ok, it's still a bug. For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Quality control release: Because it's not fun to always say "bug". For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Player performance improvement: Improved performance – fastest ever achieved for IntuiFace - on multi-touch displays running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Bux fixes: For details, see the Release Notes.





NOTE: IntuiFace Version 4.0 and IntuiFace Presentation Version 3.x can be installed on the same machine and run side-by-side. All spaces and assets in a Version 3.x presentation can be copy-pasted into a Version 4.x experience. You can also open a Version 3.x presentation directly in Version 4.0. However, once opened in Version 4.0, experiences cannot be reopened in Version 3.x without following a special procedure outlined here.
  • Interface Asset for external data and API integration : Establish real-time integration between visual assets in your IntuiFace experience with external data and business services. Works with Web Service APIs, C# dll's, Microsoft Excel and folders on your file system.
  • Out of the box Interface Asset examples: Incorporate Twitter, local weather, RSS feeds, Flickr, QR codes and a counter in all of your IntuiFace experiences.
  • Asset binding: Bind properties, trigger parameters and action parameters across two or more assets. Use it to create multi-space templates and choreographed visuals.
  • Group collections: Enable collective resizing of multiple assets at the same time. Useful for the creation of product cards and data sheets.
  • Text Input Asset: Enable users of your IntuiFace experiences to enter data that can then be passed along to 3rd party services using the Interface Asset concept (mentioned above).
  • Toggle Button: Two-state button to complement the existing one-state (pressed/released) button.
  • Usability improvements
    • Full graphic redesign of Composer, including improved color scheme and layout flexibility
    • Enhanced Space Content panel for clear identification of nested collection and Interface asset template designs
    • Simplified access to All Properties panel
    • Redesigned All Properties panel, including advanced capability for “binding” and improved organization of properties
    • Use of right-click menu to insert all assets & collections
    • Improved, more descriptive “Check for Update” panel
    • In trial mode, the user has the option to “Continue trial” after encountering the two minute time limit.
  • New properties
    • "Visible to interactivity" for assets: Specify whether an asset outside of a collection will respond to touch events. If set to false for a given asset, then assets behind the original will receive touch events instead.
    • "DPI" for documents: Specify the pixel resolution to be used for the display of a document (pdf, pptx, docx).
    • "Language" for Bing Maps: Specify the label language for the Bing Maps asset.
    • "Keyboard" for Web Browser and Input Text assets: Choose between either QWERTY or AZERTY onscreen keyboards. The AZERTY keyboard enables the input of diacritic characters.
    • "Resize ratio for opened item" for collections: Use to specify how large an item should be - relative to its original size - when a copy is opened using tap or drag-and-drop from inside a collection.
  • New triggers
    • Manipulation started: Triggered the moment a non-static asset is touched / gestured.
    • Manipulation ended: Triggered the moment interaction with a non-static asset interaction is completed – i.e. when the hand/gesture is released from the asset.
  • Shape-themed Design Accelerator: Add rectangles and ellipses to any space.
  • Removal of asset size limitation: Assets are no longer limited to a maximum size of 4k x 4k pixels.
  • Variety of bug fixes: For a complete list, see this page.





  • New Close All action: Closes all items opened from inside a collection.
  • URL field enhancement for Web Browser asset: Ability for multiple users to type URLs into multiple Web browsers simultaneously.
  • Improved download speed for Composer and Player updates: Takes affect for all subsequent versions of Composer and Player.
  • Variety of bug fixes: For a complete list, see this page.





  • Nest collections inside collections. Create groups of collections and combine them inside a single parent collection for a multi-layered effect. You can even nest to multiple levels.
  • Copy child content outside of collections using either tap or drag-and-drop gestures. All embedded content, even collections, can be "opened", creating new interactive instances separate from the collection.
  • Directly interact with child content inside a collection. For example, play a video embedded in a Flip Chart.
  • Use folder-based collections to create dynamic displays that update every time the contents of the folder is updated.
  • Optionally replace collection items with thumbnails - and take advantage of a new "progressive loading" algorithm - to speed up collection performance, particularly when displaying HD images, videos and other asset types
  • Use a brand new collection we call the Slide Show. Implementing what is known as the Ken Burns effect, this collection adds panning and zooming to an automated slide show.
  • Variety of other improvements and bug fixes: For a detailed list, see this page.



  • Update to Web Browser asset: Improved speed and stability of the Web Browser asset. Includes correction of the notorious 'blue smiley face' crash.
  • RFID tag ID reporting: RFID tag IDs are written to a file by Composer (in Preview Mode) and Player for offline use.





  • Performance improvement: Deleting a space in a large presentation is now almost instantaneous.
  • IntuiPad-related update: Annotation colors and brushes can now be modified through IntuiPad.
  • Bug fixes: For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Dynamic alignment guides: Now you get real-time visual feedback for aligning asset edges and center points. We tell you if it is centered or right/left-aligned with other assets in the same scene. No more guessing or manually typing x, y coordinates.
  • Content renaming and replacement: Rename or replace content in the Content Library and each change is reflected in all references to this content throughout your presentation. This is a huge time saver. Want to change the look of a button used on every space? Head over to the Content Library and simply right-click and "replace" the image referenced by that button. The image will be updated everywhere.
  • Copy/paste between presentations: This was a popular request. Run multiple Composers at the same time on the same PC and copy assets and spaces between them. Nice multi-tasking!
  • Format painter: Just like the format painter you know from, for example, the Microsoft Office products. Copy formatting properties of one asset/space and apply them to other assets/spaces with one click of the mouse.
  • Right-click menu: Yes, we know. Of course there should be a right-click menu! And now there is. Find context-sensitive shortcuts to commonly used capabilities with a simple right-click.
  • Keyboard accelerators: Some of you love the keyboard so we have added a large number of keystroke combinations linked to Composer capabilities.
  • No-Splash version of Player: Depending on your audience and the engagement, you may want to disguise the fact that you’re using IntuiFace Presentation. With our separately priced, no-splash version of the perpetual-licensed Player, Player will start up quietly without self-identifying marks. (Note: This Player is only available for those with one or more perpetual-licensed Composers.)
  • Variety of other improvements and bug fixes: For a detailed list, see this page.




  • Windows 8 Support: Available in advance of the late October availability of Windows 8 is our official support. Use IntuiFace Presentation with any version of the Intel-based Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft. This includes Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise. Updated technical specs for IntuiFace Presentation can be found here
  • Introduction of Rich Text: We have added significant formatting control over text. All of the traditional formatting capabilities you're used to - font, color, alignment, bullet points, etc. - are now available. And because we have adopted HTML syntax to represent this rich text, you can use your own HTML code to update text with any mix of formatting you choose.
  • Completely Revised Web Browser: Our embedded Web browser has received a significant face-lift. Not only is it much more stable - with full support for HTML5, SVG, and sites using dynamically loaded content like Facebook and Twitter - but it also contains a host of configurable options giving you finer control over its functionality. Examples include a new whitelist feature limiting which domains can be visited, improved support for interactive sites like Google Maps and a new international keyboard with diacritics.
  • Enhanced Free Drawing: Presenters can now access a drawing palette at runtime that can be preloaded with multiple brush widths and an unlimited number of colors. Mark up the entire screen or specific images and save snapshots of your annotations to USB.
  • Logging Action: A new action enables you to write text to a file at runtime. Use this feature to, for example, count the number of times a particular item is selected in your virtual store.
  • New Loading Indicator Options: In addition to the traditional red-pixel indicator, you can select a new "universal" graphic and the option to show no indicator at all.
  • Open API for Input Tag Peripherals: Establish communication between any input tag peripheral of your choosing - like barcode scanners and RFID readers - with running presentations.
  • New Sample Applications: Downloadable presentations illustrating the use of IntuiFace Presentation in fields like corporate marketing, museums, real estate, retail, and tradeshows.
  • Even More Performance Updates: We have continued to improve a variety of performance times for Composer and Player, including presentation load and Preview Mode / Player start-stop.
  • Variety of Other Improvements and Bug Fixes: For a detailed list, see this page.


  • Performance Updates: This is a maintenance release concerned with improving Composer and Player performance.
    • Faster transition when toggling between Preview and Edit modes
    • Decreased by a factor of 7 the loading time of presentations containing many Web browsers
    • Additional performance tweaks to improve presentation loading times in Composer and Player


  • Audio Asset: A new asset dedicated to playing and controlling audio files. Supports multiple audio formats including mp3, wma and wav.
  • Highlight Presentation: Accessible from the Composer startup panel, this presentation demonstrates a variety of key IntuiFace Presentation features and functions. Useful both in Preview Mode – to watch IP in action – and in Design Mode to see exactly how it was put together.
  • Presentation design updates: A variety of feature enhancements for presentation creation including:
    • Alignment property for the Text asset: center, left align, right align and justify
    • No Animation, a new space transition option
    • Axis constraint, in which use of the Shift key with the mouse restrains asset movement to the x and y axes
    • A check pattern for the color selector to provide visual feedback about the level of color transparency.
  • Presentation playback updates:  A variety of feature enhancements for presentation execution, including
    • Timer delays under 1 second
    • Animation for triggered rotation of the 3D Model asset
    • Display of a keyboard without the navigation toolbar for the Web Browser asset
    • Visual controls for background videos
  • Enhanced online account management: Finer grained control over your licenses. Download licenses, transfer perpetual licenses between machines and cancel subscriptions.




  • Triggers and Actions: Create cause and effect relationships between the actions of your users or external events with subsequent actions in your presentations. Press a button .... start a video. Turn a page .... open an image. Browse a timeline .... open a map. There are over 200 triggers and actions that can be combined in almost infinite ways.
  • Remote Actions: Presentations now communicate with one another. Triggers in one presentation can impact one or more presentations located elsewhere on the same network. Create stunning visual scenarios across multiple devices such as digital signage and synchronized attract loops.
  • Remote Actions Syntax: Control your presentations using third party applications. A simple URL-like remote action syntax can be used by any application on the same network as your presentations. Use applications like schedulers to coordinate presentation execution with outside events. And use a Remote Actions Builder to create and test your calls.
  • Remote Control with Visual Touchpad: Control your presentations wirelessly using any iPhone, iPad or Android-based device. Our IntuiPad not only includes basic functions like Previous and Next but also delivers a visual touchpad that lets you drive a presentation as if you were touching the actual screen. With the remote control, you don't need any touchscreens at all!




  • Video asset enhancement: The Video asset now supports server-hosted videos compatible with progressive download and streaming videos through MMS and RTSP protocols. For more information, see the newly updated support documentation for our Video asset.
  • Document asset enhancement:  The Document asset now includes a native PDF renderer and directly imports Microsoft Office documents (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, etc.). This support requires a Microsoft Office 2007 or later installation on the same computer as Composer. For more information, refer to the newly updated support documentation for the Document asset.




  • Remote Actions (BETA): Presentations now communicate with one another. A trigger in one presentation can launch actions in completely separate presentations, even when running on different machines across the network. We have also published the communication syntax so you can enable third-party applications to trigger presentation action as well.
  • Direct URL calling: This new action lets you call Web services from anywhere in a presentation without having to use a Web browser. Why would this be helpful? A lot of software and hardware applications have Web service interfaces. Now you can boss them around. One example is to use the Web service interface of a room lighting solution to coordinate room lighting with actions on the screen.
  • Video asset improvements: By popular demand, the Video asset now has a progress bar and volume control. This enhancement allows users to jump to any desired section of a video and control the audio.
  • Support for a new RFID reader, the Touchatag: This is in addition to the MIR:ROR by Violet which is no longer being distributed by its manufacturer.
  • Major Preview Mode performance improvement: You will notice a big increase in speed when going into and exiting from Preview Mode.


  • Full mouse support: For environments without a touch screen, this improvement ensures all assets and collections in Composer can be manipulated appropriately.
  • Support for DZI files:  Introduces native support for Microsoft Deep Zoom.


  • Introduction of Design Accelerators: Pre-built assets, spaces and resources you can add to any of your IntuiFace Presentation projects to help you make great presentations.
  • Visual indicators: Easily identify unused and missing content in the Content Library
  • Improved start-up panel: Simplifying access to all of our "Getting Started" resources


This major version introduces over a hundred new features and feature tweaks, extended hardware support, improved performance and even an enhanced set of online support documentation and video illustrations. Key improvements include: