Version History

For a complete list, including bug fixes and additional updates, have a look at our Release Notes.


Notable Features & Updates



  • A stability release correcting a few crash conditions. Threw in a few small enhancements as well. Release notes are here.



  • A sprinking of bug fixes and minor enhancements. Details can be found here.



  • Greater in-scene editing capability
    • Directly resize width of items inside collections and data templates using a mouse.
    • Resize Group collection frame without resizing contained items.
    • Nested collections can be individually selected for in-scene editing.
  • Enhanced Excel support
    • Edit Excel-based workbook data in real-time and without breaking preexisting data templates.
    • Create Excel interface assets on the fly by drag-and-dropping workbooks into Composer.
  • Reduced bandwidth and storage needs for remotely deployed experiences.
  • Specify, for each Player, whether it should automatically launch the last run experience when Player itself is manually or automatically started.
  • More than 20 additional usability and performance enhancements.
  • And yes, lots of bug fixes and eliminated crash conditions. See Release Notes for additional detail about everything.



  • A bug fix release with a couple small enhancements thrown in for flavor. For the nuts and bolts, see our Release Notes.



  • Data Tracking
    • Define, collect and send data from your interactive IntuiFace experiences to any platform for analytics, marketing or data warehousing.  
    • Includes support for 150+ analytics/marketing/data warehouse platforms, automatic event detection, offline data point storage and much more
  • Easy Share
    • A new frictionless method for sharing experiences with colleagues and clients. No need for your users to create an IntuiFace account. No need for manual license entry. Just give them a URL.
  • Access to all font variants in the Simple Text and Rich Text assets.
  • Triggers for RFID/NFC readers now expose the captured tag ID, making it available as a parameter for binding.
  • Composer Edit Mode performance and capability improvement.
  • Webcam asset is now available on Android.
  • Brand new Composer and Player splash screen. (Can you find the easter egg?)
  • 10+ additional, small usability enhancements to make life even easier.
  • A bunch of bug fixes. You'll find all the details in our Release Notes.



  • Last maintenance release before our next big launch. Contains a few bug fixes, including correction of some annoying experience publishing issues. Bonus feature: improved support for emailing via SMTP server. Release Notes are here.



  • More bug squashing, plus a sprinkling of new capability. In particular, it corrects a problem affecting some of our interface assets like RSS and System Info. Details are here.



  • A new round of bug fixes for Version 5.1. It combines a mix of common and edge case issues that have been corrected. As always, see our Release Notes for details.



  • Corrects a few crash conditions uncovered by advanced users pushing the limits of the new, high performance collections algorithm implemented in Version 5.1. You can see all of our Release Notes here.



  • Performance improvements on Windows
    • Scene-to-scene transition animation is more fluid.
    • Animation in general is more fluid.
    • Rendering of off-screen content in collections happens more quickly and smoothly.
    • Excel filtering is almost instantaneous
  • Usability enhancements for the Composer workspace
    • Quick Properties pop-up for all items in a scene enables easy access to properties, triggers and editing controls.
    • Ability to independently size all panels while in Edit Mode.
    • Overall improvement in Composer performance
  • Licensing updates
    • New Player for Tablets: Use a Tablet license on either the iPad or an off-the-shelf Android tablet. Sold in packs of 10
    • New Player for Kiosks: Use a Kiosk license on the Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSP) or a custom Android device.
  • Player improvements
    • Drawing tools are now available on iPad, Android and Samsung SSP.
    • Multiple additional enhancements and bug fixes in Player for Kiosks and Player for Tablets, listed here.
  • More than 500 new design accelerators inspired by our work 7 Interactive Experience Design Trends.
    • Buttons
    • Email forms
    • Vintage-themed banner and object images
  • Several smaller tweaks and a bunch of bug fixes. Complete details can be found in the Release Notes here.



  • Yessir, more stability improvements. Plus we've adjusted our Video asset to accommodate changes made by the VLC folks. Release notes are here.



  • Another quality release, focused on rare but annoying issues in Composer. Details are here.



  • A few minor improvements and bug fixes. Summer fitness in action! Details are in the Release Notes here.



  • Second round of tweaks plus enhancements to Content Library and IntuiPad. Thanks to our users for finding these issues! Release Notes are here.



  • A quality-focused update, it corrects a few minor bugs and some edge-case crash conditions. Release notes are here.



  • Composer workspace improvements
    • New, refreshed graphic style for Composer
    • Undock and distribute panels across multi-screen setup
    • Introduction of rulers, ruler guides and gridlines to aid alignment of design elements
    • Much much more
  • HTML5-based Player upgrade for iPad, Android and Samsung SSP
    • New gaming-influenced architecture significantly speeds graphic rendering and touch reaction times
    • Increased stability virtually eliminates resource-related crashes, with particular improvement on iPad
  • Conditional triggers
    • Add a set of constraints to limit triggers to specified scenarios
  • Improves to use of Excel as datasource
    • Filter action has now a 'Clear all active filters' option
    • Filter values can now be case insensitive 
    • Drag-and-drop of an Excel file onto the active scene or Content Library now creates an Excel IA rather than a pdf document
  • Localized Keyboard
    • 30+ localized keyboards are now supported, including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Thai, etc.
    • Keyboard can default to local language of the device on which Composer/Player is running or be specified in advance
    • Onscreen location and orientation of the keyboard can be controlled both at design time and via actions
  • HTML5 Player now available in Composer as alternative for Play Mode
    • Test tablet/Samsung SSP-targeted experiences on Windows
  • **System Info** interface asset
    • Returns information about the device running Composer or Player
  • Combine multiple data feeds in a single collection
    • Access the live data feed from multiple interface assets and combine them into a single visual
  • Publish and Share improvements
  • REST Web services can be used to delete analytics (useful when using 3rd party data mining tools with IntuiFace)
  • New default templates (i.e. visual representations) of multiple DAs
    • Menus
    • Simple Counter
    • Clock, Chronometer, Countdown
    • Linear Gauge
  • 30+ crash conditions eliminated and bugs corrected.
  • For complete details, check out our Release Notes.



  • Ok, Iast bit of tweaks before we jump to Version 5.0. Main focus here is a fix to Player. All updates are discussed here



  • Today's patch release also includes a few small enhancements. See the details here.



  • An update to the playback engine underlying our Video asset means better video performance in general and much improved WMV playback performance in particular. Add in a few bug fixes and that makes this the greatest release ever! Of course, every release is an improvement over all previous releases but we can still revel in the moment. Release details are here.



  • Addressed a couple of nasy memory leaks, repaired a few additional bugs and generally buttoned things up. Oh and we've added a search bar to the top of Composer so you can directly search our online documentation. A complete list of what we've done is here.



  • Great performance improvements and the Weather Interface Asset now supports Version 2 of the World Weather API. Details can be found here.



  • Fresh fixes. Fetch them fast! Plus we've updated the Free Edition watermark. Details can be found here.



  • New Instagram interface asset: Real-time search and display of Instagram media
  • New sample experiences: "Science Quiz" and "4.8 Features Highlights"
  • Improved FTP connector performance: Publish IntuiFace experiences to and download from FTP sites with greater reliability
  • Bug fixes: A nice group of annoying bugs are no longer with us. Click here for details.





  • Player for Samsung SMART Signage Platform
    •     HTML5-based Player identical in capability to Player for iPad and Player for Android
    •      First solution on the market bringing multi-touch content to the Samsung SSP
    •     More about the Samsung SSP can be found here
  • Customizable project styles
    •     Personalize the look of buttons associated with every asset and collection in IntuiFace
    •     Choose from three built-in styles or create your own
    •     Replace every button icon with your own
    •     Styles are set at the experience level but can be overridden for any specific asset or collection
  • Value Converters
    •     Enhances the IntuiFace binding capability by transforming input values
    •     Converters include Math & Logic, Text Manipulation, Number and Date Formatters, Linear Converter and a Custom Script option that takes JavaScript-like code
    •     Users can also create highly complex converters outside of IntuiFace and import them for use in a project
  • Enhanced 3D model support
    •     IntuiFace now uses the Open Asset Import Library- aka Assimp - to increase the number and quality of 3D imports
    •     40+ formats can now be imported
    •     Model-based lights and cameras can be used
    •     Assimp limitations affect IntuiFace as well. Be sure to let us know if you have import issues.
  • New and improved interface assets (IAs)
    •     Completely revised Twitter IA can display both text and image tweets
    •     New Instagram IA returns filterable search results
    •     New Orientation IA can be used to make tablet-based experiences sensitive to device orientation
    •     Additional IA protocols are now supported: REST/XML, file/XML, file/JSON
  • Additional features and quality improvements to Player for iPad and Android
    •     Player for Windows features now on iPad and Android
      •         Excel formulas
      •         3D models
    •         Additional book-style document properties and actions
    •     Large collection of bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Usability enhancements
    •     Triggers and Actions
      •         Reorder actions in the Triggers and Actions panel using drag-and-drop
      •         Default values are retained when changing actions
      •         links to online documentation are now in Composer
    •     "Move direction" property can limit asset and collection movement to a single axis
    •     "Remove row" action for the Excel Interface Asset
    •     When adding an Excel Interface Asset onto a scene, spreadsheet cells using URLs or local file paths for graphic media will be loaded as those asset types and not just as text
    •     IntuiFace Composer and Player for Windows now support Version 4.5 of the .NET Framework, enabling use of that framework in .NET-based interface assets
      •         Due to a touch screen bug in Version 4.5.2 of the .NET Framework, we recommend using Version 4.5.1 until Version 4.5.3 becomes available
    •      "Has been active" trigger reacts to on-screen touches within a specified time period
  •  Multiple bug fixes 



  • Dug up a leftover crash from the previous release's Web Browser fix. It's been corrected. Also uncovered cause of seemingly random Composer and Player crash. Fixed as well. Release notes are here.



  • Updated the Web Browser asset, eliminating a notorious set of memory leaks. It's a significant stability upate.



  • Crash bash. 9 crash conditions are corrected, including three pesky ones affecting the Video asset. Most are edge cases but perhaps you live on the edge. Couple other fixes as well. Click here for details.



  • Nice little variety of corrections impacting features like Kinect gesture control, Excel support and overall performance. For a complete list, head over here.



  • Pesky bugs! We've added FTP-S support for published experiences but most of the work was on fixing outstanding issues. Cleaned up some edge case crash conditions, improved experience publishing success and fixed the loss of multi-touch in Composer's Preview Mode. Details here.



  • Additional feature tweaks and bug fixes linked to our Excel support, PowerPoint import, Web Browser asset and a few others. Details are here.



  • The small number of bugs that have given our users the most grief. Kiss them goodbye! Click here for details.



  • Player for Android
    • Build in Composer, play on any tablet running Android 4.3 or later
  • Signage-inspired deployment capabilities in Management Console
    • Tag Players (Windows, iPad and Android) and filter devices by tags for group functions like deploy, reboot and analytics download
    • Monitor running experiences in Players for iPad and Android (already possible with Player for Windows)
    • Remotely restart Player for Windows and/or reboot Windows PCs running Player
    • Configure Player for Windows to automatically restart and play the last run experience in case of PC reboot
    • Upgrade Player for Windows to a new version (won't work with Player Version 4.6 or earlier)
  • Additional deployment improvements
    • Publish to and deploy from both Internet and LAN-based FTP storage. This complements existing cloud storage support for Box, DropBox and Amazon S3
    • Toggle whether or not to the automated notification email should be sent when sharing experiences
    • Hands-free licensing for large scale installations of Player through use of a ghost image
  • Photoshop support
    • Drag-and-drop Photoshop psd documents directly into Composer for automatic image conversion and import. Every tagged layer and group is transformed into an image.
    • Drag-and-drop of revised psd files will result in updates of only changed content.
  • New Video asset
    • VLC-based Video assets support significantly increased number of file-based video codecs, including mpeg, avi, mkv, and mov (aka QuickTime)
    • Also includes extended list of supported streaming video formats
    • Video playback performance is also greatly improved
  • Scheduler interface asset
    • Specify dates and times for triggering events
    • Supports use of Cron expressions
    • Optionally enables use of UTC to coordinate actions across geographies
  • Analytics interface asset
    • Collect usage info from an experience and store it in cloud-hosted, IntuiLab-managed database
    • Logged information is aggregated across even the largest multi-device deployment
    • Download logged information to an Excel file using Management Console
    • (Composer Enterprise required) Pre-filter dataset before download and access the past 365 days of collected data. Free and Pro Edition have access to one day of data.
    • (Composer Enterprise required) Download logged data to an XML-based dataset via REST-based query. Useful for generating dynamic queries that will be used by third party analytics software.
  • Map collection enhancements
  • New assets and collections
    • Webcam asset. Display live feed coming from PC-connected webcam. Capture screenshots for post-processing (e.g use of drawing tools) and sharing via email or saving to a local file.
    • Helix collection. Present items in an interactive DNA-like spiral. Like the Carousel collection, the Helix is endless. It can rotate automatically or respond to user touches.
  • Additional new interface assets
  • Improvements to Player for iPad (features also appear in Player for Android)
    • Deploy experiences through drag-and-drop using Management Console
    • Support for Excel interface asset
    • Support for folder-based collections
    • Improved support for nested collections
  • Usability improvements
    • Redesign of New Project panel
    • Composer now asks whether to duplicate or replace media when re-importing that corresponding file into an experience
    • Improved 3D model conversion tool - converting 3ds, obj and dae into XAML
    • The Change content action now has a content selector.
    • Improved filters in the Content Library
    • Empty collections display "ghost assets" that reflect the visual structure of the collection
    • Assets in a scene can now be drag directly into collections
    • The listing of container styles in the quick access Properties panel are now display short animated tooltips
    • Main properties of the rectangle and ellipse are now accessible in the Properties panel
    • Font selector for Text and Rich Text assets now contains previews of each font
    • Increased, from four to six, the number of properties available in the quick access Properties panel for interface assets
    • Improved search in the Design Accelerators panel
    • Items in the Triggers and Actions panel can be used to open either the trigger or the action depending upon where they are clicked
    • Height and width of Composer Panels, plus filter and sort settings, are saved as user preferences for each project
    • Enhanced feedback when editing a collection
    • Bindings are now exhibited for all visible Text asset properties in the quick access Properties panel.
    • More than 25 other usability enhancements
  • New sample experiences available for download
    • Self-Service Photo Booth: (Windows only) Includes Webcam asset and Helix collection
    • Photo Exhibition: Formatted for Android. Includes use of Excel.
    • Real Estate Property Search: Includes Address to Coordinate interface asset and a custom REST-based interface asset for the Zoopla property search website
  • Additional features and bug fixes: For every detail, check out the release notes.



  • New "Clear cache" action: Force the Web Browser asset to delete all cached sites.
  • More saved editor configuration settings: Zoom and pan settings for each space in Edit Mode are saved across Composer sessions.
  • Improved performance of REST-based interface assets: A few optimization tweaks have sped up Web Service requests.
  • Font clean-up: Fonts once referenced but no longer used in an experience are removed from that experience to reduce project size.
  • Bug fixes: As always!  Click here for details.



  • Improvements to the Spaces and Content Library panels: Addition of List View to Spaces panel, more thumbnail sizes, simplified methods for resizing thumbnails.
  • Bug fixes: We never stop working, not even in the summer! For details, see this page.



  • Contains a few more corrections for issues identified by our users. Click here for details.



  • List Mode for Content Library: Toggle between thumbnail mode and list mode in the Content Library.
  • Bug fixes. Big thanks to our power users for uncovering these issues so soon after Version 4.6 hit the streets. Details are here in the Release Notes.



  • Drag-and-drop behavior: Both drag and drag-and-drop events now act as triggers for any IntuiFace action.
  • Collaboration and Team Management capabilities (for Composer Enterprise customers)
    • Share experience as Play-only: Permits only Play Mode; the recipient cannot view experiences in Composer's Edit Mode.
    • Share experience with Write privileges: Permits collaboration with published experiences. Changes overwrite the original.
    • Account-to-account license transfers: Loan both subscription and perpetual licenses - and permanently transfer perpetual licenses - to other IntuiFace accounts.
    • Create secondary accounts: Achieve fine grained control over license and experience sharing. Useful when juggling multiple projects and/or multiple users with unique needs and sharing rights.
    • Create your own Design Accelerators: Capture and save templates and frequently used components.
  • Multiple Player for iPad improvements
    • See this page for details.
    • In addition to supporting all new features in Version 4.6, Player for iPad now includes the Map and Slide Show collections, the Book layout for Document assets and a variety of performance updates.
  • Composer logout: Makes it possible to have multiple users and multiple licenses on the same PC. Also simplifies use of floating licenses.
  • Global variable support: Enables the storage and access of both text and numeric values across spaces in a running experience.
  • New graphic effects: Dynamically control both hue and brightness.
  • Embedded fonts: Fonts used in Simple Text asset are saved as part of the experience. No need to preinstall fonts separately. Works on both Windows and the iPad.
  • Value-themed interface assets: Includes random number generator, random from list and a linear scale converter.
  • Usability improvements
    • Content Library displays resizable thumbnails for all imported media.
    • Built-in text-based search for the Content Library and Design Accelerators panel.
    • All possible copy/paste scenarios are now supported whether occurring within one experience or between two or more instances of Composer running on the same PC
    • Content within Group collections now resizes when the Group is resized while in Edit Mode.
    • Separation of owned experiences from those shared with you in Composer/Player Experiences panel.
    • Improved state icons for published and shared experiences.
    • Multiple usability tweaks including streamlined content import, simpler space creation, more user-friendly background color for new spaces, trigger preselection and much more.
  • Improved Free Edition feature set: Free Edition users can now use Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion and Excel filter/sort/add item.
  • Bug fixes: Stability and reliability continues to improve.

For greater detail, check out our Release Notes.



  • Web Browser Asset update: Corrects large variety of crashes originating in the Web Browser asset. Significant stability improvement! For information, see the Release Notes.



  • Several experience publish and download improvements: Includes 30% increase in performance and reduced failure rates.
  • Bug fixes: You know them, you love them! For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Philips hue support: First out-of-the-box example of connected object support using the IntuiFace interface asset concept. A good reference example for building your own interfaces for devices amongst the Internet of Things.
  • JavaScript complex object support: If you know JavaScript then you know the importance of this when creating JavaScript-based interface assets.
  • New Duplicate command: In Edit Mode, use right-click menu or Ctrl+d to duplicate items in the active scene.
  • Faster experience saving: Better performance when saving experiences, especially when content is missing.
  • Bug fixes: As always, we've jumped on user-submitted and in-house-discovered issues. For details, see the Release Notes.



  • Composer multi-screen support: Enables use of floating Composer panels in secondary displays.
  • Improved progress estimation: Higher accuracy for publish and download percentage complete estimation.
  • Reduced Player downtime during MC-managed deployment: Experiences are now downloaded prior to stopping and restarting Player when deploying and running a new/updated experience via Management Console.
  • Improved DropBox support: OS-specific system files – rejected by DropBox - are not uploaded or published.
  • New **Zoom** property for the Web Browser asset: Sets zoom level in a manner equivalent to clicking the Ctrl button followed by the + or - key when using a Web browser.
  • New sample experience: Retail-oriented "Food Ordering" experience - located in the Samples tab of Composer's Experiences panel - uses animation to create a build-a-burger kiosk app.
  • Various small usability enhancements for Management Console: More informative error messages, improved use of cloud storage APIs and much more.
  • Bug fixes: More user submitted issues plus our own personal list. For bug details, check out the Release Notes.    



  • Improved copy/paste between two instances of Composer: Due to advanced capabilities like binding and triggers and actions, pasting items copied in IntuiFace involves highly complex algorithms. As a result, not all copy/paste scenarios retain those advanced configurations. We have add more supported scenarios. For the list of remaining unsupported copy/paste scenarios, see this article.
  • Additional informative error messages: Now experience publication or deployment failures are better documented to help you troubleshoot and work with Support.
  • Increased selection lasso range: The asset selection lasso in Edit Mode can now be started from outside the visible scene.
  • Enhanced Hue-Saturation-Value color picker: For all those who aren't RGB fans.
  • Various small usability improvements: Your use of IntuiFace will be even more enjoyable.
  • Bug fixes: This is very good stability release. The complete list of fixes can be found here in the Release Notes. There are too many good reasons to upgrade so don't hesitate.



NOTE: All new runtime features - i.e. features not specific to editing in Composer - are supported on both the Windows PC and the iPad.

  • Animate any asset or collection
    • Move, rotate, blur, scale and much more.
    • Includes multiple animation profiles: linear, ease-in/ease-out, ease-in, ease-out, bounce.
    • Timeline enables choreography of multiple animation actions launched by the same trigger
    • Preview button runs animation while in Composer's Edit Mode
    • Multiple configuration options to fine tune speed, frequency and timing
  • Publish experiences to the cloud
  • Share published experiences with colleagues and clients
    • Accessed online through Management Console.
    • Just list email addresses and click the Share button.
    • Composer's Experiences Panel flags all shared experiences waiting for download.
  • Share in-experience media
    • More flexible and functional Share via USB Drive interface asset replaces existing USB control
    • New Share via File System interface asset enables saving media to any locally accessible file system, including networked drives.
    • New Email interface asset let's you send media as email attachments. See next major feature.
    • Works with images, videos, documents, audio files and annotated images and spaces.
  • Native email support
    • Hosted option offers a free email service supplied by IntuiLab.
    • Configurable option works with any SMTP server.
    • Both options accept one or more attachments as well as fully customizable To, From and Body fields.
  • New visual effects for all assets and collections
    • Blur
    • Sepia
    • Grayscale
  • Licensing and pricing improvements
    • Perpetual Enterprise Composer licenses with active MSU entitlement now float.
    • New annual White Label Player for Enterprise Edition customers.
    • Reduced cost of annual Composer Enterprise license.
  • Addition of JavaScript as a supported protocol for Internet Assets
    • Complements IntuiFace's REST support as a way to introduce cross-platform - iPad and Windows - capability.
    • Includes a Javascript rewrite of Composer's out-of-the-box Counter and Time interface assets, making them usable with Player for iPad.
  • Multiple Composer tweaks and enhancements: It's a long list all designed to speed your productivity, including the ability to hide assets offscreen and the addition of more quick-access properties.
  • Performance Improvements: Additional under-the-covers work on memory consumption and algorithms has speeded everything up.
  • Bug Fixes: Yep, we've got those too!

Check our our Release Notes for every detail.



  • Adds Player for iPad Version 4.5 compatibility.  Player for iPad Version 4.5 has been launched in advance of Composer Version 4.5. This 4.3.9 release of Composer enables deployment to Player for iPad Version 4.5. Once Composer Version 4.5 is available, go ahead and upgrade.



  • We continue our small enhancement and bug fix trend with this release. A complete list of updates are in the Release Notes. Meanwhile, we're working on our next major release. Expected in late April, this new release may be available a month early in a special pre-release form. No more to be said just yet except that it rhymes with "theta".



  • Another quality release with a couple of small bonus enhancements. See the complete list of changes in our Release Notes.