IntuiFace 4 Medley

Watch what IntuiFace can do for you.

What if we could all – regardless of our skills - harness cutting edge digital technologies to create new interactive experiences?

With IntuiFace, multi-touch, gesture and tag-driven environments are now accessible to any business, regardless of skill set. Rapidly create natural user interaction-based experiences without writing one line of code. For both the board room and the classroom, the tradeshow and the showroom, the museum, the store, the sales call …. It’s your content, your way. Fully interactive applications with cutting edge appeal, functional depth and endless capability.

For a detailed look at IntuiFace features, click one of the categories to the left. For a list of the most recent enhancements, head on over to our Version History page.

A modern platform for creating user experiences, built specifically for interactivity – and never write a line of code!

Reuse all of your preexisting media – images, videos, documents, websites, audio tracks, 3D models and more – to create fully branded interactive applications directly targeted at your audience.

Adaptable for both on-the-fly prototyping and well-planned project deployment. Rapidly create mock-ups and wireframes on your personal PC, then add content over time, iterating through your design to be sure it's exactly what you want before deployment.