Optional Extension: Bring Geographic Information Systems to Life

Through the use of our GIS and Position Tracking extension – purchased separately -  GIS-based information can be displayed, customized and supplemented with all other IntuiFace functionality. Connect to any number of public or private Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to visualize - in real-time - both static and mobile points-of-interest (PoI).

Display Public and Private GIS Maps


Connections to public or private GIS servers are used to serve up one or more Open Street Map and WMS-compliant map tiles as well as positional information about one or more static or mobile points of interest (PoI).

Layered Points-of-View


Separate static and mobile points of interest across multiple layers. Intermix PoI layers with maps, individually modifying layer transparency with dedicated sliders.

Interact with Static and Mobile Points of Interest (PoI)


Each point of interest is visually decorated with up to two configurable identification labels. Selection of a point of interest opens a data sheet populated with supporting images, videos and other detailed information you provide. You can even visualize mobile asset trajectories overlayed on maps using an interactive slider to define time span.

Complete On-Screen Annotation Capability


Select from a variety of pen widths and colors to draw on and annotate your maps. Multiple users can work concurrently to create their own mark-ups.

Scalable Multi-User Collaboration


Share one large map with multiple users or create multiple maps, one per user. Concurrency is limited only by hardware screen size and touchpoint support. Hardware options include anywhere from 2 to 32+ concurrent touch points.