Apply Automation and Workflow Logic

IntuiFace isn’t just a means for creating simple applications like video walls. With it you can create highly detailed scenarios dependent upon when x / then y relationships, synchronized execution, mirrored representations and conditional branching.

Triggers and Actions

Over 200 triggers and 200 actions can be combined to create when x / then y relationships. When this page in a document is reached, open that Web Browser at a specific URL. When this button is pressed, play that video. When the Kinect gesture is swipe right, advance that carousel to the next item. And all of this is achieved without writing one line of code.

Extensive Configuration Options

Every asset type - from images and videos to documents, 3D models and Web browsers - is highly configurable thanks to a large collection of properties. Customize appearance, define levels of interactivity (doesn’t respond to touch? can only be rotated?) and specify functional constraints to ensure you control every aspect of the experience.

Animate Everything

Move, rotate, blur, shrink, hide – all of these actions and more are possible with IntuiFace’s animation capability. You can even choreograph multiple animation effects to work in parallel. Just one more way to wow your audience.

Asset Binding

Create an inheritance relationship between two properties, trigger parameters and/or action parameters. For example, link the height and width of one image to another. When the first image is resized, the second mirrors the change in dimensions. The potential for visual choreography is unlimited despite being easy to create. 

Value Converters

Enhances binding (see above) with the ability to transform values before passing them along. Includes date and time formatting, text manipulation, math & logic, linear conversion and even two custom approaches.


Change content and more at specified times and dates using well-known Cron notation. Particularly useful for unattended digital signage deployments. Can leverage UTC-based scheduling to coordinate execution across time zones.

Remote Actions

Presentations can communicate with one another across your local intranet or the Internet. A trigger in one presentation can launch actions in another. And a remote action API enables you to use third-party applications to control IntuiFace experiences as well. These principles are what make our remote control, the IntuiPad, possible.


Incorporate both countdown and inactivity timers to add conditional logic. Of particular interest is the inactivity timer as it enables your IntuiFace experiences to reset – to, for example, automatically navigate to a home space – if no interaction occurs over a specified period of time.