Video Examples

IntuiFace is the perfect tool for the creation of rich multi-touch and sensor-enabled experiences that tell a story, share information, build interest or complete a transaction. Below are just a few examples of what IntuiFace - and you - are capable of for any iPad, Android-based tablet or Windows-based tablet, tabletop, kiosk, digital sign and touchscreen wall.

Video medley of interactive digital experiences built using IntuiFace.

Contributions from customers, partners and IntuiLab

Storytelling Using MultiTouch Devices - Demo Reel

by Tosolini Productions | All verticals

Multi-touch app running on LG’s ultra HD 84” screen at CES 2013

by Aniframe | Marketing and Sales example

7 Trends for Interactive Experience Design

by IntuiLab | All Verticals

Rue du Commerce Catalog and Point-of-Sale Kiosk

by IntuiLab | Retail example

Smart Glass Office with Transparent Screen

by IT Building | Marketing and Sales example

Prendi Adventure Station Shopping Experience

by Prendi | Retail example

Work by Microsoft Production Studios

in collaboration with RUN Studios | Marketing and Sales Example

Currency Exhibit for Royal Mint

by POPcomms | Exhibition example

Tradeshow Exhibit for Microsoft Cloud Datacenter

by Paolo Tosolini | Conference example

Micron Global Map

by Micron | Marketing & Sales example

Real Estate Development Info Kiosk

by IXFocus | Real Estate example

Controlling the Philips hue lightbulb

By IntuiLab | Connected Objects

Multi-touch wall-mounted app running in Lee flagship store - Hong Kong

by Onactivity | Retail example

Virtual Wardrobe

by Prendi | Retail example

Future of interactive storytelling using multi-touch devices

by Run Studios | Marketing and Sales example

In-Store Multi-Touch Endless Aisle and POS Experience for Children’s Apparel Retailer Orchestra

by IntuiLab | Retail example

IGO Multitouch Application

by IXFocus | Marketing and Sales example

In-store, interactive promotional app for Intel-based ASUS product line - Mexico

by Global Movie Services | Retail, Marketing and Sales example

Real Estate Experience for Danube Properties

by IFFocus | Real Estate example

IntuiFace Player for iPad - A Preview

by IntuiLab | All Verticals

Build your BMW Experience

by Prendi | Marketing and Sales Example

Interactive table Premio Colunistas 2013

by Grupo Brasil | Marketing and Sales example

TV channel presenting football matches

by Blue Ridge Communications 13 | Television Broadcast

Binghatti Real Estate Demo

by IXFocus | Real Estate example

Interactive Retailtainment for Samsung’s Paris Flagship

by IntuiLab | Retail example

Various Screen Formats Running IntuiFace

Various Experiences built by MIG

Touch Screen Samples by Prendi

Various Experiences built by Prendi

Notting Hill Housing Demo

by Quintessence | Real Estate example

Multi Touch Project Experience for AZIZI Developments

by IXFocus | Real Estate example

Utram Presentation Running on 103” Multi-Touch Screen

by Utram | Retail, Marketing and Sales example

Multitouch Presentation for Jewellers

by Touch Monitors | Retail Example

Digital Signage Example

by IntuiLab

Info Kiosk for Telefonica

by IntuiLab and Mamut | Retail example

Interactive Map and Tour of highlight locations in Sydney

by IntuiLab | Tourism Example

Interactive catalog for Empreinte flagship

by IntuiLab | Retail example

Cool use of IntuiFace: Game creation! This one is “Spot the Difference”

by IntuiLab | Education example

IntuiPad Remote Control and Non-Interactive Display Using Samsung Galaxy Tab

by Jonathan Maynard | All verticals

Museum Information Kiosk

by DialTouch | Education

Technology Briefing Center - IBM Forum, Paris

by PHB Events | Marketing and Sales example

Multi-Touch Skoda Presentation

by DialTouch | Marketing and Sales example

Integrated Systems Russia 2011 - Moscow

by DialTouch | Marketing and Sales example

Combined Kiosk and Digital Signage Application for Grocery

by IntuiLab | Retail example

Self-service exploration of Philips for tradeshows and conventions

by Ergo Sum | Marketing and Sales example

Tradeshow kiosk for Royal Canin

by Nextia | Retail, Marketing and Sales example

National Innovation Awards 2011 - Sao Paulo

by Formiga Design | Education example

Interactive wall for Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education

by Think Media | Education example

63rd Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC) - Sao Paulo

by Formiga Design | Education example

Cartier Kiosk Collection Browsing

by DialTouch | Retail

Demonstration of interactivity using Ergo Viewbox touch foil technology

by Ergo Sum | Marketing and Sales example

Interactive screen for Secretary of Tourism of Baja, California

by iCG Medios | Tourism and Hospitality example

IntuiFace running on Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Pixelsense

by IntuiLab | Marketing and Sales example

ICN Business School Admissions 2012 - Nancy/Metz Franc

by Digilor | Education example

Regional development project for Wadi Hanifa Valley, Saudi Arabia

by IntuiLab | Tourism Example

Promotional kiosk for the University of Arizona (Customer video. Handheld camera alert!)

by University of Arizona | Education Example

Strategy and Design Show 2010 - Paris

by Mobidium | Marketing and Sales example

Toulouse Regional Planning Authority

by IntuiLab | Tourism Example

Virtual Dressing Room for Lacoste

IntuiLab | Retail Example

Includes custom work done by IntuiLab