Business Samples

With these samples you get an insider view to how IntuiFace can be used to create innovative and memorable interactive experiences for any business.

Every example can be opened within Composer, enabling you to both run the experience and go behind the scenes to see how it was made. The majority are downloadable directly from within the IntuiFace Composer start-up panel. Just start Composer and, in the start-up panel, select the "Sample" you wish to download and view. The remaining experiences can be downloaded outside of IntuiFace and then opened using Composer. In either case, you will find that with a little product knowledge comes a lot of creative power.

Exhibit: Director of the Week

Retail: Food Ordering

Demographics-driven Experiences

Interactive Signage: Grocery

Retail: Make Your Own Sundae

Self-service Photo Booth

Garment Customization

Photo Exhibition

Property Search

Science Quiz

Interactive Signage: Tourism

Retail: Ticket Booking

Retail: Endless Aisle

Education: Training Center

Sales Pitch

Education: Library

Interactive Map

Connected Objects: Philips hue Demo

Gesture Control: Kinect for Windows Demo

Gesture Control: Leap Motion Demo

Digital Signage: Store Window

Gaming: Tangram

Sales Pitch: Real Estate

Education: Museum

Self Service: Tourism

Gaming: Spot the Difference