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Introducing IntuiFace

No coding. Total freedom. Works like magic.

IntuiFace — The world's premier platform for creating, deploying and measuring interactive digital experiences without writing one line of code.

Build gorgeous, highly functional applications for any audience and interact with them using mobile devices, multi-touch displays and any external input device like RFID/NFC tag readers and connected objects among the Internet of Things. Use your own data and your own content - don’t change a thing. If you can build a slide then you can create fully interactive experiences that will thrill your clients and intimidate your competition. Plus, since IntuiFace uses HTML5 under the hood, it's future proof!

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Interactive Presentation Tool
PC Kiosk Software

Build on Windows
Play on Any Touch Device

Multi Screen Walls


Target multi-screen arrays as if they were a single display. Any size is possible.

Multi Touch Kiosk


Landscape or portrait orientation. Wall, table or free-standing mounts. 4K UHD? Go ahead.



All the popular platforms. Take it with you or create permanent installations.

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Track Everything

IntuiFace Data Tracking: Define, collect and send data from your IntuiFace interactive experiences to any platform for analytics, marketing or data warehousing.

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Pre-Built Samples 

Need a hand kick-starting your project? We offer a wide variety of pre-built samples and templates.

Samples give you an insider view to how innovative and memorable experiences are made. Templates set the table as you first get your feet wet.


Our in-the-cloud resource containing all of our samples. Download and use everything for free

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Pre-Buit Samples & TemplatesPre-Defined TemplatesPre-Defined Samples

Plus a Whole Set of Cool Features

No Coding

Never Write Code

Express your creativity in user experiences built specifically for interactivity and never write a line of code.


Use All Your Media

Your own images, videos, documents, websites, 3D models, maps and more are automatically interactive.

Multtiouch Gesture

Adopt Multi-Touch & More

Work with any type of input device. Multi-touch, yes, but also gesture recognition, tag readers and connected objects.


Schedule Everything 

Change content and trigger actions at specified times, dates and/or intervals for any number of devices.

Display Widgets

Share Your Work

Clients and colleagues just need a URL to view your work. Or try our enterprise-class deployment automation capability.

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Connect to any API

Connect To Any API

Connect to external information and business logic to create dynamic experiences for any audience.

How Can IntuiFace Help You?

Creativity Augmented. Exceeded Expectations

Expand your portfolio of service offerings with spectacular cloud-connected touch and gesture-driven apps. From mock-up to prototype to final, it's interactive storytelling with a super short learning curve for all your Adobe-skilled team members and without the burden and cost of hiring extra development resources. View these experiences built by one of our Digital Agency customers. More here.

Digital Agencies

Stand Out From The Crowd

Energize sales pitches through interactive storytelling and make your sales team shine.  Impress and engage visitors in trade show booths, briefing centers, office lobbies or on the road. For 1-on-1 or 1-to-many. Do it all (and more) using your own internal resources. View how Microsoft is using IntuiFace-based experiences. [More here].

Marketing & Sales

Jump Into The Creative Content Delivery Business. Finally.

Have the best answer for the inevitable interactive content creation question, rounding out your A/V service offerings with crazy powerful but easy to adopt and affordable creative technology. View this endless aisle experience in action. [More here]

A/V Integrators

Accelerate Risk-Free Delivery Of High Value UX Apps

Implement a high-margin UX delivery factory, adding tremendous value to your integration and development service portfolio. Experience up to 60% reduction in time-to-delivery and resources without compromised quality! View the kind of complex UX app you can deliver with IntuiFace. [More here]

IT/Systems Integrator

A Fresh Approach To Capturing Attention and Raising Engagement

Modernize information sharing and raise engagement through interactivity in the classroom, museum, library or other academic and cultural venues. View the currency exhibit put on display by the Royal Mint. [More here]

Educational Institutions

Live Webinars Each Month

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Watch and listen to the experts. Ask questions.  We think the ease of IntuiFace will surprise you!

Watch These Awesome User-Created Examples 


What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

We were surprised by the ease of use paired with the massive possibilities of IntuiFace. Feeds from Databases, RFID and Bite Tag recognition, online resources – you name it; it is all there.

Auvisio Logo

We were all impressed with IntuiFace. It saved me a few months’ work in Adobe Flash to produce something similar.

Kaltire logo
rob meehan
global marketing
& design manager

Our clients are loving the IntuiFace experiences we provide them. Player for IPad is a great way to impress on the go!

Nimlok Logo
luke weidner
graphic designer

We have been impressed by the dedication, reactivity and professionalism of IntuiLab. It’s such a pleasure to watch, as a customer, how they keep on redefining innovation and service every day.

SpiceGroup logo
laurent  weber

Your company and customer service is so great because you actually listen to your customers and follow through on what you promise. Thanks for everything!

Applied art Technology Logo
project assistant

Nothing engages visitors at our welcome centers like our IntuiLab-powered presentations. Only IntuiLab provides a rich and fluid experience that engages visitors and ultimately - closes sales

Borcz dixon logo
Will Hershfeld
directOR of web

Hundreds of Companies Around the Globe are Using IntuiFace

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